“VIP Credit” LLC (subject issuing a loan) since 2006 successfully is operated in Georgian market. “VIP Credit” is a representative with its multiple financial products: with loan credit of gold, silver, techniques and exchange operations of currency. The financial products of the company are made by maximum consideration of the customers’ interests. Our goal is to crediting the natural and legal entities. We offer the customers the qualified, fast service, maximum fitted on their requirements. By the easiest and best conditions, as by growing of their satisfaction within 24 hours the staff of “VIP Credit” are ready to satisfy the financial interests of customers.

The number of faithful customers is growing fast what is an award of the team and high professional staff of our establishment. The team of the company consists with high qualified, experienced, professional and motivated staff who has a long-standing experience in a high level.

We offer you the various credit products with best conditions, high estimation, low percent rate with ensure of gold, silver and techniques. We provide with two or three months loans, as well there are long-term loans with equal covering of the basic sum and percent. You choose the product yourself, as by your desire with the payment schedule suitable to you. The loan is issued without any commission, minimum sum is 50 Gel and maximum is 100 000 Gel.

As well we offer you to buy the gold items in a privileged price. You may buy the gold items as your desire, to pay only 20 % of cost and instead of the last sum to mortgage the purchased item(s).