Which documents you need to take a loan?

To take a loan you need only an identification document.

What time you need to take a loan?

To give the loan you need only 3 minutes.

How long term of loans are issued?

The loans are issued for two - three months term, as well we have the long-term loans with equal cover of the basic sum.

Have you a commission?

The loans are issued without any commission.

Who may use a loan?

The citizens of Georgia from 18 to 70 age.

In which currency the loan is issued?

The loan is issued only in a national currency.

The converting in which foreign currency is available?

Euro, Lira, Dollars, Gel, Ruble, Pound.

How can I cover the loan?

You select the covering type of schedule: annuity, (you repay the basic sum and percent at the same time) or simply (by every monthly payment will be covered only a percent).

Is porting available from any other financial organization?

Yes, the porting is available from all registered financial organizations in Georgia.

How to do porting?

You may contact by phone number of the company mentioned in the web site and the representative will introduce you with all procedures of porting in detailed or to visit the VIP Credit service center and there you’ll study all applicable information.

How to cover the payment of loan for the gold items in distance?

The payments on the loan gold in distance will be done as by pay box of Bank of Georgia and TBC bank, as well by the mobile application.

In case of covering the loan totally, in which days of week is available to release the items?

The days for ensure is Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

In case of the agreement violated in which form or term will be realized the items of loan?

The realization of the loan items will be done in three months after the violation of the agreement. After violation of the agreement in a period of a month the company sends you the short message by the phone mentioned in the agreement. After receiving the message you will be given the additional two months term to fulfill your obligation. After expire the additional term the loaned items will be realized.